Seagoville Man Arrested Following Police Chase

Seagoville police arrested a man who led officers on a chase that ended in Dallas Tuesday morning.

According to reports, police first tried to pull the man over on Highway 175 as part of a routine traffic stop, but he refused and sped out of town.

A short while later police saw him speed past again, this time driving on a flat tire and dragging his bumper. Again, officials tried to stop him on Seagoville Road, and the male driver refused.

Police started the chase which eventually made it’s way to Dallas where driver wrecked on 2nd Avenue and Bruton.

Seagoville Police Chief Ray Calverly says the man tried to run into some nearby woods but was quickly caught.

fd45ebca867b42fca30a43fb5fa36f45 Seagoville Man Arrested Following Police Chase

Seagoville Police and Dallas Police capture suspect involved in high-speed chase after he ran into a nearby woods. (Image via Chopper 11, CBSDFW.COM)

Calverly says the man could be facing several charges.

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