Pregame Nuggets: The Good & The Bad So Far This Season

*Adrian Beltre’s 3000 hit tracker

30. Roberto Clemente, 3000

31. Sam Rice, 2985

32. Sam Crawford, 2963



The Rangers have…

*…won just 26.7% (4-11) of one-run games, worst in MLB. Last year they won 76.6% (36-11) of one-run games, which was an MLB record.

*…blown 13 saves, tied for most in the majors with the Tigers, Mets, and Rays. The Rangers’ save percentage of 45.8% is lowest in the A.L.

*…10 losses when leading after 6 innings, most in MLB. They lost 6 such games all of last year. They also have 4 losses when leading after 8, tied for the most in MLB with the Tigers, after losing just 4 such games all of last year.


In spite of all this, the Rangers, along with the Angels, Orioles, Royals, and Blue Jays, are still just ONE GAME back of the second Wild Card spot.

*Bush’s FB hasn’t been as effective of late: Since June 6th, opposing hitters are batting .462 vs. his FB with a 1.000 SLG%.

*Carlos Gomez has an 8-game hitting streak

.414 (12-for-29)

1.210 OPS

4 2B

2 HR


*21.5% (39/181) of Gomez’s PA this season have lasted just one pitch, the highest rate in MLB. He’s hitting .417 w/ 1.380 on the first pitch.

*Joey Gallo is 6-for-his-last-50 with 2 HR, 5 RBI, 22 K, and 5 BB spanning 14 games.

*Choo has reached base 2+ times in 6 straight games. Career-high streak: 10 games.

He’s reached in 22 of his last 46 PA.

*Liriano has walked 15.9% of RHB this year (27/170), 4th highest rate among MLB P. League avg: 7.6%.

*Liriano ranks 3rd in MLB in K% vs. LHB

1. Keuchel, 42.3%

2. Ray, 41.7%

3. LIRIANO, 36.6%

League avg: 19.5%

*Among those K vs. LHB, 86.5% (45/52) have come on his slider. That’s the highest % of K on SL vs. LHB in MLB.

*Liriano is throwing his slider 33.9% of the time, highest since 2013 (36.3%), and 11th among MLB SP (min. 40 IP).

*Opposing hitters are batting .180 vs. Liriano’s SL with a .082 ISO.

*Roberto Osuna career vs TEX (reg + post).

16.1 IP

0.00 ERA

0.31 WHIP

.059 BA (3/51)

.094 OBP

.192 OPS

17 K

2 BB

13.1 P/IP

screen shot 2017 06 20 at 2 31 07 pm Pregame Nuggets: The Good & The Bad So Far This Season

Here are the Rangers vs. LH sliders this year. Liriano, a LHP, throws his slider 33.9% of the time.

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