Congressman Injured During Alexandria Shooting Returns Home

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Back in Texas after surviving the Alexandria shootings, Congressman Roger Williams is telling constituents he hopes to return to Washington to find a change in some of the divisive rhetoric some believe may have contributed to the violence. Williams says it starts with each member of Congress.

williams Congressman Injured During Alexandria Shooting Returns Home

Congressman Roger Williams (R-Austin) speaks to media about his experience during a shooting at a congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, VA. (CBS 11)

When Williams came home, his local doctor told him he could expect to be on crutches for the next few weeks. Williams says the leg injury makes him realize how lucky he was.

“I was glad to be back home, and it’s been real emotional for me,” Williams said.

Meeting with reporters at the Fort Worth Club, Williams recalled the moments the gunman opened fire on members of Congress practicing on an Alexandria baseball field.

“What he was doing, he was going back and forth behind the third base dugout, hiding behind that, and there was a gate that would let you on the field. The gate was locked. He kept trying to get into the gate,” Williams said.

Williams credits Capitol Police for stopping a massacre. Since then investigators found a list with the gunman with the names of multiple members of Congress.

“They were all Republicans, members of the Freedom Caucus. I’m not a member of the Freedom Caucus, but it shows he was an angry fellow, and he wanted to do some damage,” Williams said.

Now as he reflects on what may have helped create an atmosphere for violence in Washington, Williams hopes for an opportunity to dial back the anger in some of the debates in our nation’s capitol.

“We should try to begin to go from this day forward to take a look at ourselves and deal with our beliefs and not anger and realize that we can make a difference one way or the other,” Williams said.

Congressman Williams will hold another event in Austin on Monday. He’s set to return to Washington the next day.

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