Teacher Saved From Car Wreck By Fellow Teacher & Army Veteran

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DALLAS (CBSDFW) – A teacher who survived a car wreck says she’s grateful to be alive, and wouldn’t be here today without help from a fellow teacher and Army veteran.

Carolyn Myers teaches fourth grade at DISD’s Tatum, Jr. Elementary School. Myers was headed to work last week when her truck was hit by another driver.

“All of a sudden coming toward me is this other car, and it’s coming quickly,” says Meyers. “Too quickly for me to think.”

That car’s impact flipped Meyers’ truck over, leaving her trapped by her seat belt and screaming for help. The help she was praying for came from Sgt. Jiles, a veteran of the Gulf War and a current ROTC instructor at Samuel High School, which is blocks away from Tatum Jr Elementary. He saw what happened and jumped in to the rescue.

 Teacher Saved From Car Wreck By Fellow Teacher & Army Veteran

“All of a sudden, he comes over and starts trying to calm me down,” says Meyers. “He’s talking me through, telling me it’ll be okay. Meanwhile, the car’s still turned over. He and another man were able to get my door open.”

Jiles kept Meyers calm and steady until emergency crews came.

“He’d gotten traffic under control, and everything under control by the time they got there,” says Meyers. “He was just amazing, so calm and in control. ”

Jiles says his Army training kicked in when he saw what was happening. He even teaches his ROTC students how to be a Good Samaritan throughout the year.

Meyers credits Jiles with saving her life.

“I was so hysterical, I wouldn’t have made it out without him,” she says. “I’m just blessed to have survived that. He was my angel watching over me, and I’ll never forget it.”

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