Unique Orange Wine Creating Buzz In Trendy, Sophisticated Circles

BURDETT, N.Y. (AP) – The sloping vineyards of New York’s Finger Lakes region known for producing golden-hued rieslings and chardonnays also are offering a splash of orange wine.

The color comes not from citrus fruit, but by fermenting white wine grapes with their skins on before pressing — a practice that mirrors the way red wines are made. Lighter than reds and earthier than whites, orange wines have created a buzz in trendier quarters. And winemakers reviving the ancient practice like how the “skin-fermented” wines introduce more complex flavors to the bottle.

“Pretty outgoing characteristics. Very spicy, peppery. A lot of tea flavors, too, come through,” winemaker Vinny Aliperti said, taking a break from harvest duties at Atwater Estate Vineyards on Seneca Lake. “They’re more thoughtful wines. They’re more meditative.”

Atwater is among a few wineries encircling these glacier-carved lakes that have added orange to their mix of whites and reds. The practice dates back thousands of years, when winemakers in the Caucasus, a region located at the border of Europe and Asia, would ferment wine in buried clay jars. It has been revitalized in recent decades by vintners in Italy, California and elsewhere looking to connect wine to its roots or to conjure new tastes from the grapes. Or both. Clay jars are optional.

Aliperti has been experimenting with skin fermenting for years, first by blending a bit into traditional chardonnays to change up the flavor and more recently with full-on orange wines. This fall, he fermented Vignoles grapes with their skins in a stainless steel vat for a couple of weeks before pressing and then aging them in oak barrels.

Orange wines account for “far less than 1 percent” of what is handled by Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, the nation’s largest distributor with about a quarter of the market, according to Eric Hemer, senior vice president and corporate director of wine education.

Hemer expects orange wines to remain a niche variety due to small-scale production, higher retail prices — up to $200 for a premium bottle — and the nature of the wine.

“It’s not a wine that’s going to appeal to the novice consumer or the mainstream wine drinker,” Hemer said. “It really takes a little bit more of, I think, a sophisticated palate.”

The wines have caught on in recent years among connoisseurs who like the depth of flavors, sommeliers who can regale customers with tales of ancient techniques and drinkers looking for something different. Christopher Nicolson, managing winemaker at Red Hook Winery in Brooklyn, said the wines hit their “crest of hipness” a couple of years ago, though they remain popular.

“I think they’re viewed by these younger drinkers as, ‘Oh, this is something new and fresh. And they’re breaking the rules of these Van Dyke-wearing, monocled … fusty old wine appreciators,‘” Nicolson said.

It’s not for everyone. The rich flavors can come at the expense of the light, fruity feel that some white wine drinkers crave. And first-time drinkers can be thrown by seeing an orange chardonnay in their glasses.

“Actually I wasn’t sure because of the color, but it has a really nice flavor,” said Debbie Morris, of Chandler, Arizona, who tried a sip recently at Atwater’s tasting room. “I’m not a chardonnay person normally, but I would drink this.”

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Attorney To Detail Another Rape Allegation Against Weinstein

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Harvey Weinstein is now facing criminal inquiries in three cities after an Italian actress told Los Angeles detectives the disgraced film mogul raped her in a hotel room in 2013.

Police confirmed Thursday they are looking into the woman’s allegations, and her attorney said he would give additional details about them at a news conference outside a downtown Los Angeles courthouse on Friday afternoon.

The unidentified woman is an Italian model and actress, according to an announcement of attorney David M. Ring’s press conference. In addition to talking to detectives, the woman and Ring spoke to the Los Angeles Times on Thursday, telling them Weinstein bullied his way into her hotel room, refused to leave and raped her.

Sallie Hofmeister, a representative for Weinstein, said in a statement that Weinstein “unequivocally denies allegations of non-consensual sex.”

The Los Angeles investigation comes after announcements last week by police in New York and London that they are taking a new look at allegations involving the Oscar-winner. New York police are taking a fresh look for complaints involving Weinstein and the department has encouraged anyone who may have information about abuses by the producer to contact the department. London police are investigating allegations of sexual assault against him made by two women.

More than 40 women have accused Weinstein, 65, of harassment or abuse. Actresses Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and Lupita Nyong’o have all accused Weinstein of harassment, while actresses Asia Argento and Rose McGowan have accused the film mogul of raping them.

Nyong’o accused Weinstein of several incidents of harassment in an op-ed piece published by The New York Times on Thursday, including a 2011 incident in which she said the mogul tried to give her a massage at his Connecticut home. She refused, instead giving the mogul a massage and leaving when he said he wanted to take off his pants, Nyong’o wrote.

Also on Thursday, a group of about 30 staffers for The Weinstein Company stated in a letter published online by The New Yorker that they didn’t know they were “working for a serial sexual predator.”

The employees say they knew of Weinstein’s “infamous temper” and that he could be “manipulative,” but didn’t know “that he used his power to systematically assault and silence women.”

“We know that in writing this we are in open breach of the non-disclosure agreements in our contracts,” the letter stated. “But our former boss is in open violation of his contract with us – the employees – to create a safe place for us to work.

Representatives for Weinstein and The Weinstein Company didn’t immediately return a request for comment on the letter Friday.

The stories of harassment and abuse dating back decades has led to the total downfall of a producer who once ruled Hollywood’s awards season with a string of contenders including “Shakespeare in Love,” for which he shared an Oscar, and films such as “The King’s Speech” and “Silver Linings Playbook.”

Since The New York Times published its initial expose on Oct. 5, Weinstein has been fired from the company he co-founded, expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the producers guild has initiated his expulsion. Honors conferred by Harvard University and the British Film Institute have been rescinded, and several Democratic lawmakers have donated political contributions they received from Weinstein to charity.

Ring said in a statement Thursday that the breadth of accusations against Weinstein compelled his client to speak to police.

“My client is grateful to all the courageous women who have already come forward to finally expose Weinstein,” Ring said. “These women may not have realized it, but they gave my client the support and encouragement to hold Weinstein accountable for this horrible act.”

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Austin College Founded Before Civil War

On 70 acres, northeast of downtown Sherman, Texas sits a private college that was founded before the American Civil War.

With a charter modeled after those of Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, it’s easy to see why nearly 13-hundred students choose Austin College.

Cary Wacker, the former Mayor of Sherman, is now the Director for the Center for Community and Regional Development at the college. She says their business and entrepreneurship programs are popular.

She says students get some of the best on-the-job training in the state.

Some pretty well-known people have graduated from Austin College: Former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk, Former Dallas School Superintendent and US Undersecretary of Education Linus Wright, Major league baseball pitcher Charlie Robertson, Marshall Applewhite who later went on to become the leader of the Heaven’s Gate suicide cult.

And another factoid about Austin College… it’s the oldest, continuously operating institution of higher education in the state of Texas.

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New Sherman-Based Brewery Already Expanding

Its only been open for a few years but a brewery in Sherman is already expanding, and their beers are getting recognized nationwide.

The idea for a brewery on the south side of Sherman came when Jeremy Roberts and his wife were traveling in California.

The idea turned into a reality in May of 2013 when they took over a 10,000 square foot warehouse. But Roberts says that wasn’t enough.

What’s so special about the brewery? Well its the beer stupid.

A few of the beers have won awards nationally and if that isn’t enough, the brewery is a great place to visit.

Roberts say they are expanding to an old abandoned school built in 1913 near downtown Sherman making it not just a brewery.

So stop by 903 and grab yourself a beer.

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General Sidney Sherman

General Sidney Sherman wasn’t from Texas — in fact, he never even set foot in the city that now bears his name. He grew up in Boston in the early 1800s and eventually resettled in Northern Kentucky. Sherman City Clerk Linda Ashby, who wrote a book called “Images Of America: Sherman,” says General Sherman is nonetheless a major figure in Texas’ independence, leading a regimen of about 50 Kentuckians to Texas to fight the Mexican government in 1836.

And that was one of the defining moments of Texas’ independence.

Sherman was incorporated in 1846; and to this day, the city holds events to honor the man for whom the city was named after.

General Sherman would later serve in the Texas House of Representatives and eventually moved to Galveston, where a statue of him stands today. Ashby says it doesn’t matter that the city was named for someone who never came.

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Lake Texoma Sits Right In Sherman’s Backyard

Lake Texoma is right in the backyard of Sherman and separates the sates of Texas and Oklahoma, and is one of the largest reservoirs in the country.

Lake Texoma supplies drinking water to the Dallas Ft. Worth area, but it’s also a major recreation spot and part of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers flood control system.

KRLD’s Mitch Carr spoke to Grayson County Game Warden Michael Hummert about patrolling a 90-thousand acre lake!

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Texas Men Arrested For Shooting After White Nationalist Speech

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) — A man who fired a shot at anti-Nazi protesters following a speech at the University of Florida by a white nationalist has been charged with attempted murder, police in Gainesville said Friday. Two men who allegedly urged him to shoot face the same charge.

A Gainesville Police Department report released on Friday said that Tyler Tenbrink, 28; William Fears, 30; and his brother, 28-year-old Colton Fears, all from Texas, were arrested on attempted homicide charges following an appearance on campus by white nationalist Richard Spencer.

anti nazt protestor shooting suspects Texas Men Arrested For Shooting After White Nationalist Speech

(L-R) Colton Fears, Tyler Tenbrink and William Fears have all been charged in connection with a shooting after a speech given by white nationalist Richard Spencer at the University of Florida. (credit: Gainesville, Florida Police Department)

Hours before the shooting, all three men had spoken with the media in support of Spencer’s speech and white nationalism.

The three were in a vehicle Thursday immediately after Spencer’s speech and began making Nazi salutes and shouting Hitler chants at a group of people holding anti-Nazi signs near a bus stop, Gainesville Police Officer Ben Tobias said.

One person in the group of about six people struck the back window of the men’s vehicle with a baton, police said.

Tenbrink, a convicted felon, showed a handgun after exiting the car while the Fears brothers encouraged him to shoot, police said.

“Colton Fears and William Fears were also yelling, ‘Kill them’ and ‘Shoot them,‘” the police report stated.

Tenbrink fired a single shot, police said, missing the group and striking a nearby building. He is also being charged as a felon in possession of a firearm, police said.

The men fled the scene and headed north on Highway 75, police said.

Just before 9 p.m. an off-duty Alachua County Sheriff’s deputy who had worked the Spencer event earlier saw the men’s vehicle. A group of officers called in stopped the vehicle and took the men into custody.

Tenbrink admitted that he was the shooter, according to the police report.

Police say two of the three have connections to “extremist groups.”

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