Body Cam Video Shows Officer Use Taser On Handcuffed Suspect

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BALCH SPRINGS (CBS11) – Newly released body cam video shows a Balch Springs Police sergeant last year using a Taser on a handcuffed suspect.

This comes just weeks after another officer was fired and charged with murder for the death of 15-year-old Jordan Edwards.

The department said it chose to release the body cam video after it was leaked to another news station.

The video shows police responding to a 911 call about a man waving a gun in April of 2016.

Marco Stephenson was on his knees with his hands on his head as officers approached.

An officer kicked away what turns out to be a BB gun, while his partner put on the handcuffs.

Stevenson argues with officers in the video, but does not appear to physically resist.

Moments later, Sgt. James Young pulls his Taser and shocks Stephenson.

“You hear me? Can you hear me? You gonna straighten up? Because I’m not playing with you today,” Young tells him.

NAACP Dallas president Arther Fleming says its part of a pattern of abuse.

“I think we need to ask the Department of Justice to come in and look at the police department,” said Fleming.

Balch Springs Police, though, sid fellow officers troubled by the sergeant’s actions were the ones who brought the incident to the department’s attention.

After the Texas Rangers investigated and chose not to bring charges, the department said it reprimanded the sergeant, required he undergo training and removed him from patrol.

The department said this case is unrelated to the recent shooting death of Jordan Edwards.

The department is investigating who leaked the video and why.

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North Texas Road Rage Crashes At An All-Time High

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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – In 2016, road rage was blamed for 362 crashes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area – more than a hundred more than just five years ago according to state crash records.

In the past five years, 788 people were injured and 19 people have been killed in crashes, including 14-year-old Blake Casbeer of Irving, where investigators cited road rage as a factor.

“The next time somebody cuts you off, think of (my son’s) face,” said Tim Casbeer. “Remember that this young man lost his life because somebody was an idiot.”

Tim and Crystal Casbeer said their son was a “city boy” who wanted to be a Cowboy.

“He wanted to dress western. He wanted to learn to ride. He wanted to learn to rope,” Blake’s father said.

However, on a Sunday afternoon in June of 2015 those Cowboy dreams were replaced with a parent’s nightmare.

Casbeer had called his son to make sure he’d be home in time for dinner when a stranger answered his son’s phone.

“The man said ‘I work here at the hospital and your son has been in a tragic accident,’ ” Casbeer recalled. “I couldn’t breathe. I’m driving and I literally couldn’t breathe.”

The Casbeers rushed into the emergency room at Medical Center of Plano but there was nothing doctors could do.

Blake died from his injuries.

blake cowboy North Texas Road Rage Crashes At An All Time High

Blake Casbeer of Irving was a “city boy” who wanted to be a Cowboy. (photo credit: Casbeer family)

Investigators said Blake Casbeer was the passenger in a car driven by his 18-year-old cousin.

For reasons that remain unknown, Blake’s cousin and another 38-year-old driver became upset with each other while driving along the President George Bush Turnpike in Garland.

According to the police report, the older driver began following the car Blake was riding in.

On Firewheel Parkway investigators noted in the report that the 38-year-old driver accelerated to cut off the other car and in doing so hit the car – sending it straight into a tree.

Blake took a direct hit.

“Could you just flip them off? Scream at them? Why did you chase them? You are a grown man,” Casbeer said.

Both drivers were charged in the crash with racing causing death. Both have hearings scheduled for June.

casbeer crash copy North Texas Road Rage Crashes At An All Time High

This photo shows the crash scene where Blake Casbeer died. (photo credit: Casbeer family)

  • Number of crashes in DFW caused by road rage, according to Texas Department of Public Safety records

2011 – 226

2012 – 256

2013- 292

2014- 288

2015- 341

2016- 362

map road rage 1 copy North Texas Road Rage Crashes At An All Time High

The CBS 11 I-Team mapped out all 2129 road rage related crashes since 2010 to find out where these crashes are more prone to happen.

The I-Team discovered no road had more road rage related crashes than I-35E with 101. Taking a closer look the I-Team found no section of I-35E was more prone to road rage crashes than the seven stretch through the city of Lewisville. There have been 30 road rage crashes here.

map 2 copy North Texas Road Rage Crashes At An All Time High

The I-Team also found 97 road rage crashes along I-30 with the highest concentration in Grand Prairie between the President George Bush Turnpike and MacArthur Boulevard. According to crash reports, 15 wrecks on this four miles of interstate were caused by road rage.

map 3 copy North Texas Road Rage Crashes At An All Time High

The highest concentration of road rage crashes the I-Team found was in Grapevine just north of DFW International Airport where Texas State Highways 114, 121, and 360 all come together. The I-Team counted 19 road rage crashes since 2010 in just this interchange of highways.

map 4 copy North Texas Road Rage Crashes At An All Time High

What nearly all the crashes at this Grapevine interchange have in common is what Texas A&M Transportation Institute researcher Scott Cooner said is the number one cause of stress for drivers — merging.

“If you are in a grocery store line, you are not going to cut in front of somebody. But when you are in car, you feel like you can,” said Cooner.

The Texas A&M Transportation Institute is working with the Texas Department of Transportation to design roads where merging can be avoided.

The institute is also working with law enforcement agencies to use video technology to clear accidents quicker, reducing the time drivers have to merge to go around accident scenes.

Researchers are also studying the impact that the late merge concept could have on drivers’ stress levels. Instead of gradually closing lanes over several miles, researchers say by keeping all the lanes open right up to where the closure begins and then having each lane alternate, researchers say drivers are less to display road rage behaviors.

However, these efforts have failed to off-set all the on-going road construction projects that constantly force North Texas drivers to merge.

“Really the best advice is to just let it go,” Cooner said. “It’s not worth that 50 feet I’m going to be ahead of one or two cars because it can end in a tragedy.”

Few know this better than the Casbeers.

At a cemetery in Irving etched in Blake’s headstone is the phrase “I love you more”.

“It was Blake’s favorite saying – ‘I love you more’,” said his father. “Every night when he’d go to bed, I’d say ‘I love you, son’ and he’d say ‘I love you more’.”

That simple phrase, “I love you more,” is now what Casbeer utters whenever someone cuts him off in traffic.

He said, “It does wonders. You tell them ‘I love you more’ and it changes your attitude.”

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‘Wake Up America’: TX Sheriff Rants On Terror After UK Attack

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In the wake of the attack at England’s Manchester Arena, strong reactions from one local leader have surfaced.

Denton County Sheriff Tracy Murphree took to Facebook to express his thoughts on the deadly terrorist attack that killed at least 22 people and injured 59 Monday night.

READ MORE: Deadly Attack At UK Concert

Sheriff Murphree’s statement reads in part, “This is what happens when you disarm your citizens. When you open your borders without the proper vetting”. Murphree also urges America to “wake up.”

Murphree writes on Faecbook, “Pay attention to what you see in Manchester England tonight. Pay attention to what is happening in Europe. This is what happens when you disarm your citizens. When you open your borders without the proper vetting. When you allow political correctness to dictate how you respond to an enemy that wants to kill you.”

The Sheriff adds, “When you allow these radicals to travel to Afghanistan and Iran and simply let them back in. When you give up your city’s and your neighborhoods to a religious ideology that says you must convert or die. A ideology that treats women as property, kills gays and women and Christians [sic] with complete impunity.”

Turning his frustration at the American politicians, Murphree writes, ” The left tells us we must submit and accept these radical beliefs and bend over backwards to make sure we don’t hurt anybody’s feelings. The left wants to cater to the very group that would kill every group they claim to support. Folks this is an enemy hell bent on killing you. Committed to forcing you to convert or die. This enemy will strap bombs to their own body and blow themselves up killing children.”

He adds, “I’m sick of it. You better wake up America. While you are distracted by the media and the crying of the left, Islamic Jihadist are among us and want to kill you. What will it take? This happening at a concert in Dallas or a school in Denton County? If we don’t do something quick this country will die of political correctness and the fear that someone’s feelings may be hurt. It may very well be to late for Europe.”

denton sheriff Wake Up America: TX Sheriff Rants On Terror After UK Attack

Facebook post from Denton Co Sheriff Tracy Murphree (via Facebook)

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High Winds Toss Planes, Equipment At Denton Airport

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DENTON (CBSDFW.COM) – The high winds that came with overnight storms across North Texas caused significant damage at the airport in Denton.

Mark Nelson, the director of transportation and aviation for the City, said Denton Enterprise Airport has been closed so damage can be assessed and repairs can be made.

In all, at least 15 airplanes were damaged. Half a dozen buildings, including an airplane hanger that had the doors blown in, were also seriously damaged.

Initially, there were reports of winds in the area exceeding 100 mph, but officials at the national Weather Service later said a wind sensor failed as the storms pushed through. After assessing damage at and around the airport they found that the damage was not consistent with winds that high.

CBS 11 Meteorologist Jeff Jamison said winds in the area, at the time of the storm, were closer to 60 miles per hour.

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Texas Senate Approves Banning Drones Over Stadiums, Jails

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AUSTIN (AP) — Drone flights could soon face new restrictions in America’s largest conservative state.

The Texas Senate voted unanimously Tuesday to ban drones over sports arenas and jails.

The measure makes flying a drone intentionally over a stadium or correctional facility punishable by up to six months in jail. Multiple infractions may mean up to a year behind bars.

The regulation is designed to protect the public from weapons that drones could possibly carry, and to prevent drones from sneaking inmates drugs or contraband.

But opponents say the federal — not state — government is charged with overseeing airspace, and worry the bill could stifle the booming drone industry.

The legislation now returns to the House, which previously passed the measure banning all, not only intentional, drone flights over such facilities.

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‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Danielle Bregoli Bringing Tour To Texas

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The obnoxious teen that became famous for uttering the phrase, “cash me outside, how bow dah” on the Dr. Phil show is set to test her upcoming tour in Texas. 

Danielle Bregoli achieved internet fame in 2016 when featured on Psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw’s television show for being a, “Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old.”

Now, the 14-year-old Bregoli is taking her show on the road, literally. 

With no known talent, other than being a smart-mouthed social media sensation, she is preparing for a nationwide tour.  What is she performing you might ask? No one knows.

“She’ll be vibeing [sic] some records and she’ll do a live Q&A with the audience and have some one-on-one moments with people on the stage,” Manager Adam Kluger told Billboard. “The reason why teenagers and young adults are so interested in her is because she is refreshingly honest. She doesn’t care how a 14-year-old is supposed to act. She’s true to her brand.”

According to her management team Danielle has booked two pre-tour test dates, July 8th at Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and July 9th at the House of Blues in Houston.

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